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JULIAN H. STACEY's Contact Page.

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Business Card A big QR code of type vCard, ADDRESSBOOK, abridged to avoid spammers crawlers.
How my QR codes are made.

Meet Over Coffee/ Beer.

If you want some free advice on some technical issue, best meet over a coffee/ beer at one of the various tech & social events I organise & attend, some linked at, probably easiest if you join me Here Most Weeks as unfortunately I don't often have free time to give advice, (unless you want paid Computer Consultancy).

ENGLISH + Deutsch/German + Francais/French

  • ENGLISH is my native language. I am British.
  • If you want help or info on numerous organisations & events I help organise free of charge, use English.
  • Deutsch: Ich spreche und schreibe Deutsch für Zahlender Kunden,
    Please Do Not Contact Me In German
    unless you will Pay me or my company or associates for computer consultancy.
    • I am fluent enough in German, but I get over saturated.
    • I am Not an enthusiastic linguist.
    • English is the language of my international computer industry.
    • Many problems discussed in German are also international problems, often already solved elsewhere. First check international mail list archives in English, before restricting your knowledge pool to German language.
    • With German tech. friends I often speak a 50/50 mix of English & German, as we are often both fluent enough in both languages.
  • Francais: Oui, Je comprend Francais (pas trop bien maintenant, malheuresement), mais je ne l'ecris pas, (ou parlez beaucoup normalement) - je nai pas la vitesse, les mots a souvene, mais c'est plus facile a lesez.

  Free Resources & Services

Commercial Computer Consultancy For Businesses

No Social Media !

  • This section needs to be merged with my FAQ mail response
  • Do not send me invitations to link via 3rd party web sites eg Facebook Linkedin Twitter etc. - My spam filter dumps such junk unseen.
  • I will happily cross link direct to _You_ if you mail me a URL (web ref.) to a useful Public page, but I will either not even see (filtered as spam), or will silently discard, & refuse to link to any monopoly privatising web sites such as facebook, that hide detail & contacts behind a requirement to join their site. -
    I support both Free Open Source and also the Open Internet, Not commercial companies carving the Internet into private exclusive fiefdoms.
  • Business contacts links may be here - later.
  • Do not send me greeting cards via web sites, or in flash, My spam filter dumps such junk unseen.
  • I support retaining information on the Public Open Internet, by not delivering Internet info into the hands of monopolists.
  • I avoid sites by eg Facebook Linkedin Twitter Run by would-be monopolists, trying to grab your & my readership, attention & fees & advertising revenue & circle of contacts, & trying to lock us into their private subset of the Internet.
  • I don't want & won't use :
    • Inane short tweets (as crippled as multiple SMS),
    • Pictures of immature adults being sick at parties
    • To follow pop stars, VIPs & politicians,
    • Lack of data security (I read first half of a Big heavy tech report on Facebook),
    • To give personal data to American corporations that obsess pontificating on ethics, but have little ethics, & are outside European law.
    • Web sites that force me to be online just to read or reply to mail.
    • Web sites that force me to be hostage to proprietary software that I don't control, don't trust, different for each company, upgraded to new version Not when it suits me & not when I have time to learn, just upgraded when it suits them ! ... Their software that would control & constrain how & if I read, reply, encrypt (Hah, As If!) & Secure (HAH! Even bigger joke!) My personal data & contact lists that they want to access to harvest & traffic analyse.

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